Food and Dental Health

Food is essential in keeping our overall health in check. It is the “source of information” of our body and the key to its right functioning.

But, it is not enough that we eat. We must ingest the right food to sustain our body with the proper nourishment.

When we eat right, we maintain a healthy weight, reduce the likelihood of chronic diseases, and promote overall health. Unhealthy eating habits and a poor diet can lead to obesity, health risks like heart disease, diabetes cancer, and hypertension.

Eating the wrong food also affects our oral health. Inadequate nutrition is linked to gum diseases and tooth decay because it weakens our immune system and heightens the risk of infection.

How can you keep your oral and overall health in check? Eat right and lead a healthy lifestyle. Simple, right? But, these words will always be easier said than done. It’s not a hopeless case either because, with determination, patience, and discipline, it is achievable.

Here’s how:

  • Have variety in your food intake by including vegetables, lean meat, fruits, low-fat dairy foods, lean protein, and grains.

A serving of leafy vegetables is rich in vitamins and minerals including calcium and folic acids. Calcium and folic acids help strengthen the enamel and prevent gum diseases.  Another vegetable you can consider adding to your plate is broccoli which contains iron, antioxidants, and vitamin C.

  • Limit your snacks especially those that contain artificial sugar as it helps in acid production, wears the enamel, and cause a cavity.

Opt for healthier snacks like yogurt, milk, cheese, celery, carrot, and apple which stimulate saliva production. Celery, carrot, and apple are also sources of vitamin A and C for stronger gums. On the one hand, yogurt can combat harmful bacteria through its probiotics. Along with cheese and milk, yogurt can also neutralize the acids in our mouth. You can even munch on some cashews which have microbe-fighting properties to destroy bacteria.

  • Keep a good hydration level. Drinking water gives you a cleaner mouth, fresher breath, stronger teeth, and moist mouth.

Water rinses away food particles which oral bacteria can feed on, reducing the risk of cavities, bad breath, among others. It also moistens the mouth, encouraging the production of saliva.

  • Lessen intake of unhealthy foods like coffee, cake, soda, candies, etc., because of their high-sugar component. Also, coffee can cause teeth discoloration.

Aside from a nutrient-filled diet, avoid activities like smoking and drinking alcohol which are harmful to oral health and our overall well-being.